About Us

From little things, big things grow

In 1989, a small group of like-minded people gathered at a public meeting with the simple goal to plant more trees in Newcastle. The group agreed to focus on native plants. Before long they decided to grow local native plants collected from local seed. The idea seemed “a bit weird and risky” at the time. They saw themselves as pioneers and called the group Trees In Newcastle (friends call us TIN). read more

We are committed to conserving native vegetation and supporting people who care about the environment.

Our achievements

  • TIN has grown over 1.5 million plants since propagation began in 1992.
  • Last year our bush regeneration team planted over 26,000 native plants across our region.
  • In 2010 alone our education program helped build knowledge, understanding, skills and positive attitudes with 90 primary and 37 secondary teachers, 533 primary students and 380 secondary students.
  • TIN has over 50 regular and active volunteers who annually provide 18,500 hours of time and energy to the organisation and the community.