Local Native Plants

Trees In Newcastle are proud to provide quality tubestock to our community. Our nursery staff are keen to share their knowledge and help you find the best plants for your project.

We germinate and propagate over 100 different locally native species for use in Landcare projects, large-scale bush revegetation works and gardens around the region. Please note, availability is subject to current orders and seasonal variability.

To ensure that the right plant is available for the right place, we collect, process and store local provenance seed from the Hunter region. Tubestock grown in out nursery is generally grown from this seed, although some trickier plants are grown by cutting. All seed and other plant material is collected to Florabank Guidelines (2000), ensuring that best practice is followed.

Local native plants:

  • Are the right plants in the right place.
  • Have genetic integrity.
  • Are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Have full nectar composition for native animals.
  • Will distribute seed and contribute to natural regeneration.

Visit our Resource Library for a wide range of downloadable booklets and information sheets on gardening with local natives, how to establish and run your own nursery and other topics.


Enquiries & Orders

Contact Lauren on 02 4969 1500 or send us an enquiry.


We offer discount prices for bulk-orders, members, Landcare, schools and community groups.





Lambertia formosa