TIN has Deductible Gift Recipient status. This means you can make a tax deductible donation to the Trees In Newcastle Public Fund.

TIN also actively undertakes community awareness raising and enjoys networking and chatting with businesses, government agencies and community groups about how we can look after our local vegetation. Your donations can help us spread the word.

Tax Deductible Gifts can take many forms:

  • Monetary donations above $2
  • Anything that can be owned and has a value - a stray 4WD perhaps?
  • Gifts of property valued at more than $5,000 will help us realise our dream to have a place to call home (sigh).

What will your dollar do?

  • $5 will allow for one plant to be propagated, planted and cared for.
  • $25 will allow for enough Themeda to plant out a square metre.
  • $100 will provide a school with plants for a garden in their grounds
  • $350 will allow a bus full of volunteers to work for a day at King Edward Park, maintaining all of our hard work.
  • $1000 will allow Trees In Newcastle to host a school group and teach them how to propagate their own plants for their own projects.
  • $1500 will allow Trees In Newcastle to run a weed i.d and removal workshop for volunteers, community members or professionals.
  • $2000 will allow a professional team to perform targeted seed collecting, ensuring that there is species diversity for community plantings on National Tree Day 2016 and throughout the year! 

How to Donate

givenow buttonGivenow3If you would like to deposit straight in to TIN's Public Fund it's as easy as clicking on a GiveNow button, a secure service provided by and Westpac .

If you would like to support TIN through donations of property, shares or business stock, call our Manager on 49691500 or send us an enquiry.




What kind of Donor are You?

Root Donors provide continuous sustenance and stability to keep the TIN tree growing. Root Donors give regularly; seasonally, annually, weekly or monthly.

Trunk Donors have been TIN members for 10 or more years, they are the strength of the TIN tree. They've been a part of the core structure and keep TIN reaching upwards, getting stronger every year.

Branch Donors are organisations and networks that also support the aims of TIN. They have their own groups of supporters that also feed back in to the heartwood of the TIN tree.

Leaf Donors are individual donations, every leaf no matter what size turns energy into action and without them the TIN tree cannot survive.

Donations will directly support TIN’s projects, such as:

  • Volunteer Landcare projects along Newcastle's coast. The aim is to continue connecting the coastal corridor from Nobbys Head to Glenrock SCA whilst looking after Themeda Grassland, a Threatened Ecological Community.
  • Education programs including Landcare 4 Youth.
  • A site for a permanent location where community volunteers can come to contribute.
  • A project nominated by the donor that is in line with TIN's objectives and ethics.