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There was movement

Catchment Ideas

Hunter Water has provided funding through their Community Grants for some some catchment based resources to support Landcare 4 Youth across the Lower Hunter. The 2011-12 grant provided five Newcastle schools with site advice and native plants. The native plantings will save water as they don't need as much water as exotic plants to thrive, stop erosion by holding the soil in place and in doing so protect the water quality in the local creeks.

There is a poem called There was movement in the catchment  and a picture version of the poem  now available as a resource to get youth Landcarers thinking about what happens when it rains and where the water goes.

If you want to get involved in monitoring and protecting the local waterways Waterwatch is a  program which the Hunter-Central Rivers CMA runs in conjunction with Hunter Water and the NSW Dept of Education and Training. A dynamic Waterwatcher is available to visit your school and inspire and educate all at the same time. Waterbug surveys, catchment crawls and water monitoring are some of the programs on offer.

Habitat Gardens

There are lots of ideas for Habitat Gardens in the resource library. You might also want to consider a butterfly garden. Landcaring for Lepidopterans will provide guidance for selecting plants for the different life stages from caterpillar to butterfly.There is also a guide to building a nestbox to encourage them to take up residence. TIN has butterfly nestboxes for sale too.

Volunteer Groups 

There are also lots of volunteer groups and paid persons who are keen to talk to the next generation of landcarers. The Catchment Conections Carnival brings these people together once a year to celebrate World Environment Day.

Landcare Resource List

A Landcare project often requires plants, mulch, materials and advice. The Landcare Resource Guide will give you a few contacts to help the process along.

Getting Grants

If you’re looking for funding for a pet project it’s best to work out what your idea or project is first, then search out a funding source, rather than see a grant and try and mould your project to fit. This way you will get the project you want not one that the funding body wants. We have put together a Grant Getting Guide to help with the process and we're also available for advice.

Nature Watch Journal

The Children's Nature Watch journal is a great way for young people to record their observations of the world around them. 

Keeping safe while working outdoors

Landcaring is about looking after the environment.It's also important to look after ourselves and how we work. These information sheets outline the risks to be aware of when landcaring.

L4Y Forum

The L4Y Forum is the term based newsletter of the L4Y Network. It contains lots of information about available funding options and programs, interesting online resources and what is happening around the region with the L4Y project

  • L4Y Forum Term 2, 2012 provides an insight into the information that can be gleaned from attending the EcoEdge Networking Sessions. Current projects, events resources and grants are all outlined and linked for your convenience.

  •  L4Y Forum Term 1, 2012- A summary of Term 1 and ideas for Term 2 including networking opportunites-Junior Landcare, EcoEdge, L4Y update, thanks to Hunter Water, grants that are available, Environmental Calendar, Sustainable Schools, Grants to Get and new resources.

  • A final L4Y word for 2011 -  include- L4Y Survey - tell us what you think, Optimism Ahoy, Farewell Jenny, L4Y & LMCC, Coles Grant Open, Free textbook, Conservation Biology for All.

  • L4Y Forum Term 4 2011- Topics in this issues include -  How and where to get your L4Y signs, L4Y Nominations for end of year awards, Eleebana Public School Scope and Sequence, Upcoming events, Online Ideas, 

  • L4Y Forum  Newsletter- Term 3 2011 - Topics covered include L4Y Signage, L4Y Certificates of recognition, St Mary's Gateshead Conservation & Land Management Certificate, Local Events, Grants worth Getting, Aluminium Can Recycling Service, Online resources (Habitat Heroes, Green Lane Diary)

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term 2, 2011- Topics covered include local volunteer groups who can visit your school, how Eleebana Public School runs their environmental program, online resources for International Year of Forests, National Tree Day plantings, open awards and grants and a little bit more.

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term1 2011 - In this edition links to resources on kitchen gardens, worm farming, biodiversity, things to make and do, and curriculum links. There are some grant options and environmental dates to consider and contacts for local expertise.

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term4 2010 - In this edition you'll find e-newsletters worth subscribing to, websites worth watching, programs to get involved with, grants to consider, competitions to enter and contacts for local expertise.

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term3 2010 - Topics covered include environmental dates for doing, online resources and research, recycling and e-waste options and some grant and on-ground support options.

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term2 2010  - This term's content includes environmental dates, links to teaching resources, awards and competitions, reviews and research, local school based programs, open grants and contacts for local expertise.

  • L4Y Forum Newsletter Term1 2010 - In this newsletter there's the introduction to the L4Y program, some networks you might like join, grants that are available, curriculum based programs to consider and contacts for local expertise.